5 easy steps to perfect glasses

5 easy steps to perfect glasses

If you have been wondering what are the 5 easy steps to perfect glasses…. wonder no more:

Here is the lowdown on how to fall in love with your eyewear, and stay this way…

1. Have a comprehensive eye health examination including glare, night driving and computer vision screening

No good having pretty glasses if they annoy you, or, even worse, get in the way!

If the vision is not perfectly seamless, then you will be forever taking the glasses on and off…

So, do yourself a favour – have a full, comprehensive eye examination. It covers a health check, vision check, screening for major eye diseases and takes in consideration all lighting conditions you may encounter.

2.Take your time choosing frames – detailed discussion with your stylist is a must

The only way we can figure out what will work is if we consider a couple of common scenarios: work, home, weekend and big occasions.

Detailed consultation is the only way to uncover colours, shapes and textures that will complement rather than hinder.

3.Lenses are a make or break (excuse the pun) of perfect glasses – your dispensing optician really does know it all. Spend some time together.

There are hundreds of lenses to choose from, ranging from plain and simple to extraordinary and complex.
We have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly – let us help you avoid the pitfalls.

4. It’s ok to change your mind. Anytime.

No, really!

We understand that sometimes things seem like a good idea – at the time. We have all been there and got the t-shirt (now stuffed at the back of the drawer).

So, if you change your mind – that’s ok!

5. Call in every couple of months for a complimentary deep clean and adjustment to keep the glasses in perfect condition.

Keeping your specs in good condition, well fitting and adjusted is the key to good vision and relaxed eyes.
It also prolongs their lifespan – but you knew that anyway, didn’t you?